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Your "crowning glory", or your hair, plays a huge role in your well being. Aside from having health benefits such as protecting your scalp from the heat in warm weather and controlling heat loss in cold weather, it carries social functions. Society gives great importance on appearance, and hair is one of the first aspects of an individual that are noticed. Thus, having hair loss problems can result in a feeling of being unattractive and a low self-esteem.
People spend a lot of money on medications and commercial products, such as shampoos and scalp treatments, in an attempt to alleviate their condition. However, most have not yet tried alternative medicine as a solution to their problem. They have not realized that herbal remedies have several advantages over commercial ones: they are easy to procure, inexpensive, and safe since they are natural and have no side effects. Here are a few herbs that are believed to help reduce hair loss and aid in encouraging hair regrowth.
Aloe Vera
This has been used for centuries by Indian tribes in South America. They claim that aloe vera makes their hair thick and healthy. Rub some aloe vera gel into your hair and scalp every night. Aloe vera has an enzyme called superoxide dismutane. That, plus its ability to trigger the formation, of nitric oxide, will stimulate hair growth in people who have male pattern baldness.
Green Tea
It is believed that drinking several cups of green tea a day or ingesting it in capsule form will reduce the risk of having male pattern baldness. The antioxidants called catechins that are found in green tea inhibit the enzyme 5 alpha reductase, which is responsible for converting testosterone into the more potent DHT.
Red Pepper 
Apply red pepper flesh directly to the scalp. This will serve as a skin irritant that will promote the release of histamine, which is a protein involved in allergic reactions. This will then stimulate the cells of the scalp, draw blood and hence nutrients to the scalp area, and promote hair regrowth.
Stinging Nettle
The root extract of Nettle plant is vry helpful in combating hair loss. If none can be found, you can buy it in pill or capsule form. Nettle root contains lipids and minerals that will stimualte your hair follicles and thus encourage the regrowth of hair. You can take it alone, but it is more effective when used side-by-side with Saw Palmetto. Get a few Saw Palmetto gel capsules and pierce them. Combine five drops of it with an equal amount of Nettle root extract. Combine them well and rub the mixture gently onto your scalp. Leave this on for an hour to let it absorb. Similar to Stinging Nettle, Saw Palmetto blocks the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a form of testosterone that induces hair loss and prostate growth. Note that this treatment is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women.

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