Protein Shake Benefits

Protein powder as we have disused before has many wonderful and exciting benefits. In today's health nut society it has all but become a staple for many of these acclaimed "Magic Diets." Such diets include the famous Atkins Diet, as well as the newer South Beach Diet. These diets focus on high protein intake with a usually low carbohydrate meal. These diets from what I hear can sometimes have astounding results. I myself have witnessed these high protein diet's effects first hand, for you see I actually followed these diets meal plans myself to lose weight. Of course you have to exercise too, I cannot empathize enough that in order to lose weight one must exercise! So if you are ready to go on your on high protein low carbohydrates diet let me offer a suggestion, buy protein powder! That is right, it all comes down to the powder and like I have mentioned in my other blogs it is the "miracle supplement." Now you may not know it but protein has other benefits beside promoting muscle growth.

Did you know that protein also helps glycogen levels as well as finger nail growth? Protein like I have said before is used all in our body's.

Here is another neat fact; our hair is formed by protein. So why not help your body and consume some good tasting protein powder.

So with all of these benefits what do you have to lose? Now some people may question me saying "well I thought protein powder is just for those huge body builders down at the gym." Well as I have said before this is not the case. Protein shakes are also consumed by runners, in fact the shake helps restore glycogen in the muscles. This glycogen is used up in the body as energy during intense workouts or running.

Another person that of course would benefit is the body builder for obvious reasons. But the last person to use this supplement may be the average Joe health enthusiast. They all need protein in one form or another so why not just make it easier on yourself? Make it quick, make it easy, make it a healthy lifestyle. One last thing, some people I have talked to ask me a very good question, this question in fact is frequently brought up. The question in turn is this, "about how much protein should I drink a day?" The answer to this is quite simple, if you are a body builder I would strive for one gram of protein per pound of body weight a day. As for a non builder I would say same rule, just minus 40 grams. So with all this said, I hope you have learned some more great stuff about protein powder.