BV Herbal Cure

A herbal cure is fast becoming the preferred choice of treatment for bacterial vaginosis (BV). It does not have side effects like antibiotics and leaves the immune system intact.

Vaginitis and What To Do and What Not To Do

Perhaps the main contributor to the condition known as bacterial vaginitis is douching. However good a BV herbal cure you use, if you continue to douche, the likelihood is that vaginitis will return at some point, sooner or later.

So, do not douche. It is the single most important factor in preventing and combating bacterial vaginosis. Douching upsets the natural balance of the vagina's bacteria. For a healthy vagina, the ratio between anaerobes and lactobacilli needs to be normal and douching inevitably messes up this balance.

The pH level of the vagina is critical. It is naturally slightly acidic.

Douching, again, can change the pH from acidic to alkaline, increasing the risk of BV. In fact, a pH measurement is one of the tests used to determine the presence of the condition.

A dry and clean vaginal area is sufficient cleaning. Use a little plain water and dry thoroughly before and after intercourse.

To keep dry and avoid sweat, wear looser fitting jeans and slacks. Wear breathable cotton underwear which keeps dry and allows air circulation. Forget nylon underwear.

Follow a recommended herbal guide specifically designed for BV. It will include ingredients; all should be easily available and cost around for a month's supply. It will also show how to make the medicine, how to take it and in what quantities. All the symptoms should have disappeared within a few days of starting the course. In addition, most guides will detail diets tailored for sufferers of BV.

All scented personal hygiene products should be given a wide berth. That even goes for perfumed bubble baths and the like. They can all be very irritating to an already sensitive vagina.

Make sure tampons and pads are changed regularly. Too much moisture will aggravate symptoms and just lead to more swelling and itching.

If necessary, lose some weight by exercising more frequently. Exercise also helps to relieve stress, which can be important. Dietary intake should include vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium, beta-carotine and zinc; they work well together to improve the immune system.

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