Protein Diets For Bodybuilders

As far as dieting is concerned in body building, protein supply is equally proportional to muscle repair and growth rate. Proteins are the very basic raw materials vital in the human body for building new cells, repairing the injured ones and regenerating the exhausted ones. Our bodies are actually more or less proteins. As such the fundamental components of the body are made and maintained by proteins whether or not in a body building program. For the generation and sustenance of tissues in the body, a person must persistently and consistently replenish proteins by eating such foods as are rich in proteins. This is especially important for body builders who aim at increasing their muscle density. The muscles will increase with direct proportionality up to an optimal point of growth, as the proteins we accord our bodies.

It is of cardinal significance for a body builder to identify key sources of natural and even synthetic protein.

Most sources of proteins exist in the immediate reach of an average body builder. Yet despite this easy access and even common knowledge that proteins are essential to body growth, repair and maintenance, most body builders survive on diets that have inadequate protein supply. Such animal products as meat, eggs, milk and fish remain the basic and richest protein sources of contemporary times. When incorporated in the body builder's diet, they induce extremely high levels of protein per mass density consumed. Another common protein source is Whey which in its very basic form has awesome proportions of protein content which is usually coupled by high digestion and absorption rate into the body builder's blood stream. Other less available or common protein sources include Casein, which is unbelievably rich in the protein content. However, Casein features a very low absorption rate and therefore most recommended as a dinner meal when sleep is next on the agenda.

Eggs require further understanding than just protein sources because research has established that their absorption rate into the blood stream ranges between that of Casein and Whey. Most nutritionists advise that eggs are very essential due to their catalyst converting ability of any excess solid fats into soluble amino acids. Vegetarians usually find an equal in Soy Beans, which is indeed a complete green plant with incredibly high levels of protein content. Research has ranked soy alongside key animal proteins although it features a lowly absorption rate. In this consideration, we can also refer to the protein sources which amazingly double up as supplements and also as primary (natural) sources. These are frequently called blends.

Blends are hybrid combinations of distinct proteins types and usually combine the essential benefits of those constituent protein types while still retaining an identity of their own. Blends come in hardy for body builders because they save on the time that would otherwise have been spent outsourcing for different protein sources to yield the same nutritional value and nourishment. Blends also have an advantage in that the feature a fast absorption rate and their effects are prolonged. Most blends give instant results after consumption mainly because they have been refined to optimal levels.