Herbal Premature Ejaculation Pill

There are few pills which you can see in the market for stopping premature ejaculation. They are namely delay, climinax, ejaculatrol. Out of the pills which are made to stop premature ejaculation, delay is regarded as the most effective pill out of them all. Delay does not only help you to overcome premature ejaculation, but it will aid you to last longer in bed. Delay can aid you to last five times more on bed when you make use it before you engage in sexual intercourse.

Delay contains 100% herbal ingredients. It is a herbal supplement which has a high success rate. It will work for you most of the times. Numerous clinical trials were carried out on couples using delay to determine its success rate.

It returned a high success rate of up to 92%. 83% of the subjects were cured of their premature ejaculation problem permanently after they have finished a 3 month course where they took delay.

Delay aids the section of the body's sexual function which is responsible for ejaculation. It acts on the section of the brain which causes men to cum. You will get result from this product on the first day of using it. It will give you natural control at the time you ejaculate without taking your sensitivity away. In addition to helping you overcome premature ejaculation, you will get more pleasure at the time you reach orgasm. Delay is safe to take, thus it does not have any harmful side effect on the person taking it.

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