Benefits Of Protein Supplements

The word protein has been derived from the Greek word proteios, meaning first, this is why they are considered to be the main organic compound present in your body. Protein being a vital component in every living organism, present in the form of skin hair, muscles tendons, ligaments, hold together, protect and provide structure to your body. They catalyze, regulate and protect your body chemistry through enzymes, hormones and antibodies. Above all they help in the transportation of oxygen and other vital substance within your body.

Protein and supplement protein is generally beneficial and its deficiency might cause serious health disease like Kwashiorkor. Protein is divided into three main classes, globular proteins, fibrous proteins and membrane proteins. The globular proteins are mainly soluble and most of them are enzymes whereas the fibrous ones are structural and the main component of hair and nails. Membrane protein, are receptors, they pass on the charged molecules through the cell membrane. All of the types of protein have more or less amount of amino acid in it. Protein along with the presence of amino acid, provides several benefits, some of the benefits are:

1.Regular intake of protein rich food and other protein powders continuously help in repairing and replacing the muscles tissues. This repairing of the muscles is maximized by keeping a balanced and positive level of nitrogen in your body. When protein is consumed in high amount, your body becomes confused and it does not repair everything that it needs to, and muscles can get lost. A proper amount of nutrition supplement will keep your hormone regulation and blood PH balance, normal. After workout or may be an intense weight training, more muscles in your body needs to be repaired, which makes intake of protein after each workouts necessary.
2.Protein is harder to digest this, makes your body work 30% harder, than in the process of digesting, curbs and fats. The time taken by your body in digesting high protein diet boosts the metabolism, resulting in fat reduction.
3.Protein plays a vital role in the recovery of muscles, especially during the depletion of glycogen or, in the case where muscles are damaged during workout. Optimum nutrition helps in maintaining the nitrogen balance within our body, and keeps your body in a muscle repair mode.
4.Protein also helps in maintaining lower insulin level in your blood, which is considered as a major factor in energy regulation.
5.Correct amount of protein consumption can lower the content of IGF-1 in your body, which helps your body in responding to the growth hormones.

Experts can suggest you, the proper amount of protein required by your body. Protein can be obtained from food like meat, chicken, dairy products, and egg or from protein supplements available in the form of protein powders. The amount of protein required by your body depends on your body weight. The recommended dietary allowance for adults in USA is 0.8 grams per lb of body weight. The professionals who carry out severe physical exercise need a little more depending on their requirements and the amount of tissues burnt.

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