Why Protein Supplements?

Protein is an essential macronutrient that is used for deriving the required energy for the body. Other than fats and carbs, protein is the most important nutrient that is needed for the body. What is protein and what are the benefits of protein? A chain of linked amino acids make up this nutrient and the amino acids are held together with the help of peptide links. These are considered as the nutrient pool that serves adequate nitrogen for the body. Muscle growth and body repair demands an adequate and optimum level of nitrogen supply to the body.

What makes the need for nutritional supplements? You may be wondering why people go for protein supplements. The answer is quite simple, the level of increased activities demands more supply of protein to the body or else it will result in a deficiency condition. It is essential to supply nutritional supplements to the body as the inadequate intake of vitamins and minerals would affect the overall body functions adversely. Some of the supplements are specifically designed for body builders and fitness enthusiasts. The range of protein supplements starts from whey protein, protein powders, protein bars and many more.

It is always an impossible task to have the right protein food due to hectic schedules. Most of the people are negligent of proper diet and are less bothered about balanced diets. In such a condition, body doesn't get enough nutrients and may even result in protein deficiency. Therefore use of supplements are helpful to a greater extend to meet the nutrient requirements of the body effectively. For good health and growth, essential amino acids have to be taken in your diet and supplements for protein serve this need well. After a tough workout, it would be helpful for the body builders and athletes to repair the problems with body muscles.

There are different sources of protein that can be included in your diet and it includes egg, whey protein or even soy. According to a number of studies, the whey proteins are the perfect source of protein as it reduces cortisol levels and stress. It would increase the level of glutathione which is an antioxidant that provides immunity. It is effective in reducing the blood pressure and overtraining. Compared to egg whites, these have a higher profile of amino acids that are easily digestible. But the above mentioned features are offered only if the whey protein you choose is micro-filtered one. If you are just using the garbage that is left after milk pasteurization, it will be of no use.

There is an impeccable relation with protein and muscle growth. It will help in acquiring a lean muscle mass as protein acts as the building block of muscles. The constant repair and replacing of muscle tissues need ample amount of protein supply to the body. The protein supplements are necessary for maintaining the proper hormone levels and helps in regulating the fluid balance of the body. When cabs are not available, protein supplements will provide the energy for proper functioning of the body.