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Krishna Herbals is the herbal products division of Planet Ayurveda (India), leading herbal products manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of herbal supplements, herbal remedies and herbal medicines. All our formulations are prepared using purest quality natural herbs and the products are available as standardized extracts of herbal supplements. Our company develops customized herbal products to serve the specific requirements of its clients, all over the world.

Krishna Herbals adheres to stringent quality control standards and offers a wide range of herbal products, that are very effective in treating various diseases and these herbal supplements do not exhibit any adverse side effects. Being an herbal products manufacturer, the formulations and herbal supplements have stood the test of time for their purity, safety, and efficacy and are guaranted to be totally free from heavy metal toxicity.

Our herbal supplements are traditional and are made from pure extracts. Due to its excellence in producing quality herbal compositions, the company has achieved the recognition as one of the leading herbal products manufacturers in India and abroad.

Our Unique Herbal Supplements are:

•   Made from 100% pure herbal extracts

•   Prepared from standardized extracts and completely safe with no side-effects

•   Free from heavy metal toxicity

•   Heal the disease from its basic root cause

•   More potent than other crude herbs preparations

•   Gives effective results in less time

•   Easily available in powder form and capsules

All our products are prepared from pure and natural herbal extracts, conforming to the requirement of international herbal product manufacturers.

Being one of the leading herbal products manufacturers in India, we are looking for tie-ups/partnerships with exclusive distributors abroad for our herbal supplements and medicines to import our goods.

The wholesale suppliers of herbal supplements in foreign can contact us via e-mails, letters and phone.

We, being, one of  the leading herbal product manufacturers in India, assure that we will take care of the interests of our valued customers, while supplying them our pure, effective & natural herbal supplements.

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