Cooking with Whey Protein

Protein is a very valuable resource to the body. Without it, the body will not be able to operate correctly . Protein is used in making new cells like muscle, bone and skin. The body doesn’t actually use the protein though, it breaks the protein down into amino acids. Amino acids are actually manufactured in the body, but three of them are considered vital, meaning they cannot be manufactured in the body.

Consuming protein in your meals is critical, especially when you’re working out . Not consuming enough protein can lead to a catabolic state of the body, meaning your body is consuming its own muscles for energy. This can be costly, especially when trying to lose weight, because the scale will reflect that you have indeed lost weight. Keeping your meal balance in check is important all the time but even more so when trying to lose weight .

One way to combat a lack of protein in the diet is cooking with some form of protein isolate.

Cooking with isolate can dramatically increase protein intake as well as lower carb consumption. Protein isolate can be used in place of flour in many cases, but some proteins are better in different cases. Soy protein, for example, is the best in cakes.

Working protein isolate into your every day meals can help your diet drastically , and it can help you lose weight when you never thought you would be able to. Say goodbye to that catabolic state you should have avoided while on the low fat diets, and say hello to a really healthy diet. Working protein isolate into your meals can be very tasty. I highly recommend trying it!

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